In parallel to the launch of the new facility Netmagic is launching new services and a refined network fabric, stemming from Spine Leaf Architecture.

Virtual Private Cloud

Customers looking for Managed private cloud service can now overcome the entry barriers typically encountered for Private Cloud adoption. Netmagic's new Virtual Private Cloud will provider customers VMs with consistent performance under their control, and facilitate the flexibility to play around with their virtual pool of resources at will. This new service will leverage Netmagic's common service bus architecture to readily provide all Netmagic Infrastructure services. Customers will also be able to leverage the true value of Hybrid Clouds at ease by integrating with Netmagic Public Cloud Services.
Virtual Load Balancer as a Service – vLB Plus

Netmagic's VLB-Plus is a Virtual Load Balancer as a Service designed to offer Application Acceleration and Availability, in addition to server level load balancing functionality to customers' Web based applications. The service is offered from industry proven Application Delivery Controller (ADC) Hypervisor that runs multiple virtual ADC instances on a dedicated ADC hardware with On Demand Load Balancer platform. The solution will be hosted in Netmagic DC, monitored and managed by Netmagic's centralized Network Operation Center.

To enhance the performance there are different performance upgrade packs available like,
  • *Additional Load Balancer throughput of 100Mbps (Maximum upto 1000Mbps per instance)
  • *Additional RAM of 200MB (Maximum upto 2248MB per instance
  • Additional 3000 SSL TPS (Connections per second per Instance)

Next-Gen Backup and Archival

Given the diverse needs and changing business dynamics today, Netmagic will offer next-gen backup services giving 360 degree capabilities with complete option to backup on a variety of storage types including disk, long term archival tape cartridges and cloud based object storage, all controlled by the customer from a single window.

Furthermore, this new service will also facilitate seamless data archival (file type and mail type) with additional functionalities like e-discovery and compliance, a feature that will appeal most to the more regulated industries like BFSI, etc.

This new service by Netmagic will offer a small step towards being DR ready by giving a VM instance recovery from the backed up copy, making this service ideal for mission critical data backup and archival needs across industries.

Improved Datacenter Network Architecture

Given today's application workloads, compute and storage infrastructure alterations change the predominant network traffic patterns from "Internet-to-host" (north-south) to "Host-to-host" (east-west). In east-west traffic flows, network segments are spread across multiple access switches, requiring hosts to traverse network interconnection points. At least two major trends have contributed to this east-west phenomenon: Convergence and virtualization. Given these dynamics in traffic patterns, Netmagic has redesigned the datacenter network from the ground up. The new topology is a leaf-spine. Unlike a traditional "three-layer" design, the leaf-spine architecture reduces the number of network hops, provides unprecedented scalability and facilitates faster connectivity within the datacenter, thereby improving the overall performance and responsiveness of hosted infratstructure.

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